How to Record internal sounds in your computer with Audacity

This tutorial teaches you how to record internal sounds from your soundcard such as Microsoft Sam, or audio from a YouTube video using Audacity or a recording program.



Wouldn't it be easier to just select stereo mix from within audacity itself?

i dont have stereo mix :(
all ive got in record is microphone, sum, line, analog

Hi, ok that tutorial was great.
I have a different question about internal recording and Audacity.

Im gonna spell it out so you know exactly what I want to do so you know how to answer my question.

I am using Audacity and Im recording my music. Anyways, I have recorded 2 tracks of guitar on audacity now I want to put some drums to that. So I have Audacity up and open obviously, I have armed the next track so all I have to do is press the pause button and it will start recording. I open up another window and now I want to play the virtual drums against the guitar tracks ive already laid down. I have to play the virtual drums physically with my fingers. So how do I record those drums on that site to an open track on audacity? Do you know what I mean? I also need to hear my guitar tracks tho so I know where the accent hits are and stay in time. So internal recording but I have to physically play the drums on another site while audacity is up so I can record drums against the guitars.

I hope that makes sense. Please tell me how to do this.
Thank You

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