How To: Make a custom podcast using Audacity

Make a custom podcast using Audacity

This video shows the user how to create a Podcast using the free program Audacity. The first step is to go to and download the free application and install it onto your computer. Next, you'll need to download and install an MP3 encoder. The video recommends the LAME MP3 encoder. After that you'll want to hook up a microphone to your computer. Once you do that you can launch the Audacity program. Once you do that press the record button and record your message. Once you've recorded the program press the stop button to stop recording the audio. After you do that go up to File, then Save and give it a file name and choose MP3. You'll now have a file ready and available that you can submit to iTunes for inclusion. Using these simply to follow instructions you can easily create a podcast from your computer.

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