How To: Remove the Vocals from a WAV or MP3 in Audacity

Remove the Vocals from a WAV or MP3 in Audacity

To remove the vocals from a WAV or MP3 for free the best way is to use a program called Audacity. First, open the program. Go to file, and open your song. The program will import your song. When it's open you'll see your two stereo tracks.

Now there are two steps with a small sub step. Go to the down arrow in the middle of the program page and choose to split the stereo tracks. You'll see it separate. Next go to effects at the top, choose to invert. Then set both tracks to mono. That's it. Then you can save the song as a WAV or a MP3. If these actions didn't work fully, you can go to effect and choose amplify. Amplify negatively for both tracks. Now you can save again as a WAV or a MP3 file.

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