How To: Make and distribute a successful podcast

Make and distribute a successful podcast

Podcasts are quickly becoming the new Blogs. They are fast and easy to distribute and really get the point across because you can hear the person's voice. A podcast is sort of like the Internet's version of a radio show, only you don't need to get a job as a DJ to make one. Podcasts are free and easy to make on your own and you can send them out however you want. These days, even iTunes has a channel dedicated exclusively to podcasts.
So, if you are ready to be heard, check out this tutorial. In this video, you will learn how to create your own podcast and properly distribute it to the world. In this program, you will be using Audacity to edit the podcast and then may choose one of the following sites to upload it to the web:

Once you've uploaded your cast, you will learn how to distribute it further by submitting it to the podcast search engines available at Podcast411

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